Grzegorz Klinowiecki

He was born in 1955 in Jarocin.

Painitng is his passion. He is practising it since he was eight from the bottom of his heart and to relax. There are several hundred works in his artistical attainment, mostly moody - reflecsive landscapes.. He is an author of "Trojka" - painting of 1,5x3,5 m long. He participated in many outdoor art meetings, i.e. "Gębice '84" and "Międzyzdroje '85", and also in "Unieście'88"artistic course. He was rewarded Ministry of Internal Affairs Cup for his painitngs. His works were exhibited in: Chodzież, Poznań and Germany and in outdoor exhibiton in: Jarocin, Wałcz, Leszno, Kielce and Piła. His paintings are on the walls of Piła Police Academy, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Adimnistration and in private collections in Poland, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, USA and Australia.

Few words about me 

Works, which I'm presenting here are only a samll drop in the ocean of my workings.I don't have many articles about me and my workings. I'll say a fe words about this great activity, which is painting..

It's my passion. As a little kid I was painting a road as a way to participate in a  youngest artists competition. I was just eight and won the first  prize. It was my first win and great motivation to further development my painting skills. At this time I'm almost fifty and I still fell like this kid who pained the road. Painting develops me, makes me feel  younger and helps me in difficult moments such as when I had serious accident which almost ruined my carreer. Then painting was fundamentaly important to recover from mental crisis and to develop my skills. What more can I say - my work is very important to me and I hope that I could be doing this as long as possible. Painting is like my peaceful oasis. 


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